Appendix Fifteen: Hire of Junction Park State School (1922-1923)

Due to the survival of a bundle of correspondence in 1922-1923, it can be demonstrated how frequent the school property was used as a hire venue and in what way it was used.

OrganisationDate of EventType of FunctionArea for Hire
Annerley Prohibition League25 March 1922Garden FeteSchool Reserve, Basement Playrooms
West End Methodist Sunday School1 May 1922Sunday School PicnicSchool Reserve
Joyful News Mission Sunday School1 May 1922Children's May Day TreatBasement Playrooms
St Philips Sunday School3 June 1922Annual Sunday School TreatSchool Reserve
Thompson Estate Progress Association7 October 1922Fete and Sports DaySchool Reserve, Basement Playrooms
Annerley Masonic LodgeOne night per month, granted for six months from October 1922Lodge MeetingsSchool Building
Base Hospital for Sick Children11 November 1922Garden Fete (Dempsey personally requested booking)School Reserve
Annerley Girl Guides25 November 1922Sports GatheringSchool Reserve
Junction Park State School9 December 1922Annual Sports DaySchool Reserve and Building
Wesley Methodist Sunday School (Kangaroo Point)7 May 1923Annual Sunday School PicnicBasement Playrooms (Main Building) and West Playground (Boys)
West End Methodist Sunday School7 May 1923Annual Sunday School PicnicInfant School Basement and East Playground (Girls)
Joyful News Mission Sunday School4 June 1923Children's Annual TreatBoys Playroom & Gymnasuim and East Playground (Girls)
Hill End Methodist Sunday School4 June 1923Annual Sunday School PicnicInfant School and Playground
St Philips Sunday School4 June 1923Annual Sunday School PicnicGirls Playroom & Tennis Courts and West Playground (Boys)
Annerley Prohibition League28 July 1923Garden FeteSchool Reserve
Annerley Methodist Church22 September 1923Church FeteSchool Reserve
Committee for Stephens Shire Princess10 November 1923Proclamation -- Stephens Shire PrincessSchool Reserve


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